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Air compressor for People’s Liberation Army General Arrangement Department
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Company Code:1244
Compression Medium:air
Cooling style: water cooling
No. of throw:4
Compression stage:5
Capacity (m3/min):45
Suction pressure (MpaG): normal pressure
Discharge pressure (MpaG): 21
Piston stroke (mm): 320
Each stage cylinder diameter (mm): Φ600-Φ360-Φ210-Φ185-Φ90
Crankshaft speed (r/min): 333
Shaft power (Kw): 603
Outline dimension (L×W×H)(mm): 6124×3710×1255
Main unit weight (Kg): 31903
Unit weight (Kg): 44659
Driven motor: T630-18/1730 synchronous motor
Rated power (Kw): 630
Rated voltage(V):6300

Product Description:

Application: Air compressor for low-speed high-pressure gas source system technical renovation project of People’s Liberation Army General Arrangement Department

1. Four throws symmetrical balanced type, with compact structure, small floor coverage, good dynamic performance and small vibration. 
2. The compressor is designed as Per API 618 and related compressor standard of JB/T9105 Technical Requirement for Large Size Reciprocating Piston Compressor.
3. No loop regulation, the 1st and 5th stage has venting pipelines.
4. CFRP made packing sealing ring will avoid the leakage of compression gas.
5. Germany SIMENS PLC control system, high degree automatic, easy operation and easily to reach auto interlock and protection.

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