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The Henan LIYUAN project
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6M32-293/39 coke-oven gas compressor

Compressor parameter


Company Code:3208


Compression Medium: Coke-oven gas

Cooling style: water cooling

No. of throw:6

Compression stage:4

Capacity (Nm3/h):15000

Suction pressure (MpaG): 0.0035

Discharge pressure (MpaG): 3.9

Piston stroke (mm): 360

Crankshaft speed (r/min): 333

Shaft power (Kw): 2559

Outline dimension (L×W×H)(mm): 8122×6146×2366

Main unit weight (Kg): 74746

Unit weight (Kg): 165723

Driven motor: TAW2800-18/2600  safety-increasing brushless excitation synchronous motor


Product Description:


6M-293/39 coke oven gas compressor mainly applied for cycle electricity generation project, the coke oven gas from client’s system will up to a pressure of 4.0MpaA after four stage compression of this compressor, and then send to gas generator equipments.


1. The compressor is M type, six throw symmetrical balance structure, perfect dynamic performance.

2. Compressor crankshaft is high-quality alloy steel forgings with precision machining.

3. The compressor and motor is connected by expanding sleeve, which is realiable and convinent for maintenance.

4. Well-designed as per API618 and related domestic compressor standard, the manufacturing process is strictly adhere to ISO Quality Management Systems.

5. PLC and touching screen is the key of control system, which will enable the compressor and parts in a condition of realiable, less failture and long service life.

6. Owning the function of alarm and shutdown interlock protection.     
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