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Exports Iceland project
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MW-2.9/75-0.6/75-79 syngas and loop gas compressor


Compressor parameter:



Company Code:DC049


Compression Medium: CO2, H2

Cooling style:water cooling

Cylinder Lube style: a little oil lube

No. of throw:4  

Compression stage:4   1

Capacity (m3/min)::2400Nm3/h

Suction pressure (MpaG): 0.005MPa     7.485MPa

Discharge pressure (MpaG): 7.925 Mpa   7.9MPa

Piston stroke (mm): 120

Crankshaft speed (r/min): 740

Shaft power (Kw): 90

Outline dimension (L×W×H)(mm): 4000×3800×1600

Unit weight (Kg): 12500

Driven motor: ABB motor


Product Description

 CE Certificate(MD, PED, EMC, ATEX and LVD)
 Advanced producing process, Use 316L materials, the production process conformed to the IS9001:2000 International Quality Certification to make sure smooth running of compressor
Use the advanced testing, inspecting device in domestic for inspecting the compressor.
The compressor adopted international advanced control technology and have realized auto control.
 High quality, exceed design, classic structure, high efficience
 Smooth and reliable running, light vibration and Lower noise
 Long service time
 Competitive price   
 The whole unit have an uniform force loading, good dynamic balance performance

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